Welcome to kids beginner Hip-hop at 28th! Each week, Alex will focus on basic dance skills like keeping rhythm, following choreography and developing body control. This class helps develop confidence, basic performance skills such as stage presence, acting, and self-improvisation. All music is kid-friendly, positive and easy to move to. Throughout the session the students work as a team to create original performance pieces for family and friends which will showcase all of their hard-earned talents and abilities once per season. This is an excellent choice as a child’s first dance class.

Kids have two options to attend classes.  An 8 class card ($72) will work for any hip-hop classes in Fall and Spring (expiring after 6 months).  We understand families sometimes have weekend commitments so we wanted to ensure your child can attend all purchased classes using the on-line punch card system.  If you are just looking to drop-in, this will also be an option at $10 per kid/ per class.  Classes are all 1 hour in length.  We recommend kids show up 10 minutes before class with a water bottle and clean shoes (no black soles).  Kids can also take this class barefoot or with sticky socks to grip our floors.  Have FUN!!!!!!