Wild Hearts Idaho

28th Street Barre is hosting an amazing community event to support Wild Hearts Idaho (WHI). Caitlyn Scales will be leading a POUND class to help raise money for WHI! Participants will have the opportunity to do a team building activity that sheds light on elements of privilege in the world and the importance of a mindset of generosity and giving for all. This experience will set the tone for why supporting others in the world is important and how we can choose – even in the smallest ways – to be a person who values the spirit of giving.

Class details:
POUND provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, and rockin’ out! Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this full-body workout inspired by yoga and pilates movements. Using lightly weighted drumsticks, POUND transforms the art of drumming and rhythm into an incredibly fun way of working out.

Organization details:
Wild Hearts Idaho is a Boise-based non-profit with a mission to grow hearts for leadership through exploring Idaho’s wild places. WHI is a girl-focused and girl-led. WHI impact is centered on building leadership skills in teen girls, ages 12-18, through outdoor adventure. We combine Outdoor Adventure + Girl Leadership + Community to create engaging and supportive experiences for girls to explore, grow, and lead. When you give a gift to Wild Hearts Idaho, you are saying yes to Idaho adventure, yes to opportunity for girls, and yes to a rising generation of female leaders. https://www.wildheartsidaho.org/

This is a FREE event however we hope for at least a $20 donation to WHI as all proceeds to this event go directly to WHI! This event is for ages 10-18.
Donate here: https://donorbox.org/pound-for-adventure-event

Monday, January 28th 3:30-5pm, recommended $20 donation

Donate Here

Femme Forward Workshop

Embrace the power of femininity in all its divine glory! This movement experience pulls from street and club styles with inspiration from jazz funk and hip hop. Get ready for superb self expression in this empowered dance class led by Miranda Palacio and Alex McLaughlin of Corevette Dance Collective. Ages 16 and up, all levels welcome!

Sunday December 22nd from 12:00 – 2:30pm for $20

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Self Care

In this class we will begin by moving gently, allowing tension to release from our bodies. Then we will settle in for a guided, restorative rest in Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is the practice of sacred sleep. It takes you into the healing space between wakefulness and sleep. Your body is completely still and asleep, while your mind is conscious of this deep relaxation. After waking, we will learn about and discuss daily self care tools to keep us feeling centered and calm throughout the holidays and in our everyday lives.

Sunday Dec. 9 from 3-4:30pm for $20

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Yin & Oils

Create space for self care as we move towards winter with these unique Yin Yoga and Essential Oils practices. Join E-RYT and essential oil educator, Corrine Hathaway for two evenings of down regulating the nervous system, nurturing the connective tissues and stimulating the senses with certified, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. No experience necessary. Dress comfortably.

Saturday, November 17th from 4:00 – 5:30 pm and Saturday, December 15th from 4:00 – 5:30 pm. $20 per session.

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Tabata GX Workshop!

TABATA GX is coming to 28th Sunday, June 9th from 10a-4p! We are so excited to host the training for this super fun HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) course! Earlybird Pricing is $169.99 and space will be limited! Classes start in July at the studio!

The unique protocol used in Tabata Bootcamp™ is the 20-10 microburst intervals. An interval consists of performing specifically chosen exercises at an ultra high intensity for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. The beauty behind these short microbursts is that 20 seconds at high intensity is doable and the 10 second rest allows for brief recovery before moving on to the next exercise interval. These 20-10 microburst intervals are stacked in the 30 minute group workouts in specific sequences of different exercise movements that target every part of your body. The 6 minute workouts also stack 20-10 intervals using just a few select exercise movements that deliver a short yet high metabolic boosting workout.

This short duration, but high intensity interval training (HIIT) creates a prolonged afterburn, or EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption). This type of training causes the body to take longer to return to its state of rest, so it continues to burn calories (5x more) at a higher rate long after the workout session has completed. Put simply, a 4-minute Tabata Bootcamp workout can reap the same benefits as a longer but steady workout, like running for a half hour. The results with microburst workouts are backed by research.

Basi Pilates!

We are honored to Welcome BASI Pilates to 28th!  At BASI Pilates® we regard the Mat Work as the “crown jewel” of Pilates. It is the essence of the system, without which a great void would exist. The Mat Program provides a thorough education in the Mat Work and its infinite applications. In addition to being the foundation on which all else is based, it is also the perfect springboard to the Foundation Apparatus Program and the Comprehensive Apparatus Program.

The Mat Standard Program consists of six modules, 4-hours each module, which include lectures and discussions as well as analysis and practice of the exercises. A one-hour mat class is taught on each module. This program is designed for those who want to gain thorough knowledge of the Pilates Mat repertoire as well as a foundation in kinesiology. Graduates are eligible to earn a BASI Pilates Mat teaching credential.

September 7-9
Friday 6pm-9pm
Saturday 11am-4:30pm
Sunday 11am-4:30pm
Modules 4-6
October 12-14
Friday 6pm-9pm
Saturday 11am-4:30pm
Sunday 11am-4:30pm

Choreography Shakedown!

Saturday January 27th, 1-3pm 
Join Celeste and Miranda in a sweaty choreography dance session! This will be a fun combination of the elements of Power Party Sculpt (PPS) and Hip Hop taught weekly at 28th Street Barre. Expect to sweat, learn some sweet new steps, and leave with a hyped-up sense of group AWEsome! 

Art & Soul – Flourish Collective Inc.!

Friday Dec. 15th 6-9pm
We are honored to host Flourish Collective, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing and supporting sustainable healthcare and education in impoverished areas. Currently their main focus is in the central plateau of Haiti. By supporting and working alongside the local clinics in Haiti they are able to ensure care is taking place throughout the year instead just for the two weeks when they are there leading medical missions trips. All the proceeds from this gallery show go directly to Flourish Collective Inc’s efforts to create sustainable healthcare in Haiti.

PPS – The Breakdown!

The first few Power Party Sculpt experiences are often a mix of woah, that was awesome and um, wow I really wish I knew those moves! This is the chance to learn the moves to some of the PPS favorites as well as a couple new ones that will be introduced and kept in the rotation for the weeks to come. Celeste will also take some time to introduce herself and talk about the process and method behind the loud, fiery vibe of PPS.  This workshop is a perfect introduction to PPS for those just starting as well as a good reset and sweat session for those of us that have been doing this thing on the regular for months or years! Bring indoor-only shoes, a water bottle, and a willingness to immerse a little deeper in what it means to #sweatforjoy on the dance floor.

Saturday November 11th from 12:00-1:30pm

POUND Master Class!

Join our Amanda Bell with special co-host’s POUND Pro’s Lindsay Tate and Chaya Dugall Knopp for a incredible and free Master Class.
Experience what POUND looks like, feels like and sounds like as community comes together and drums to one unified beat. No one is LOUDER than POUND!
Saturday November 18th from 7:30-8:15pm


Come join the @AcroNerd for a day of AcroYoga! Learn new skills you never thought you could in a supportive and exciting environment. Learn to spin, flip and fly while being lifted by or lifting another yogi. Acro helps develop communication and trust, but most of all, it’s super fun, playful, and different! AcroYoga requires no super human strength or flexibility, just a great attitude and willingness to learn. No experience needed but a background in yoga, movement, dance, etc. will be helpful! No partner required! September 10th, 1-4pm.


Kaelyn grew up as a competitive gymnast, entering her first gymnastics class at the age of 3. Her gymnastics career ended in her early teens, but she quickly found a love for dance and yoga and continued to explore all of the ways her body could move. During college, Kaelyn coached both beginners and advanced gymnasts, and continued in her exploration of her own movement art. During a performance entitled ‘Danser et Voler,’ Kaelyn was introduced to the silks and partner acrobatics. She immediately became enthralled. Since then, she has been a sponge, taking as many classes and workshops as possible, studying a variety of movement and healing forms, and sharing them whenever possible. For her, AcroYoga is as much about the physical practice as it is about the trust, communication, and community that comes with it. She believes that AcroYoga is for everyone, and loves seeing the looks on people’s faces as the conquer their fears or do something they never imagined possible. During the day you can find Kaelyn working as an occupational therapist and utilizing therapeutic yoga with her clients; at night, she’s usually balancing on her hands or someone else’s feet. Check out www.upwardinertia.com or @acroNerd on instagram to learn more about Kaelyn.

Yin Yoga & Thai Massage!

Life in the mountains brings on a lot of physical activity that focuses on muscle health, but what have you done to pamper the health of your connective tissues? Nourish this often neglected part of your body in a practice of long yin posses. Join Kimberly Ghorai to penetrate your joints, bones, ligaments & fascia while your mind settles into stillness. Enjoy hands-on-assists from Thai Massage Therapist Krishna Ghorai, leaving you with a wonderful calm, soft muscles, and the best yoga high.

July 31st 6:30-8:30pm. Class price $30 on-line sign up; $35 at the door.  Maximum 25 people.



Join us for a one day intensive of basic hip hop choreography and grooves for any and all skill levels! We will focus on the roots of urban movement, fundamental hip hop styles and exploring how to feel most comfortable in your own unique body movement. This intensive aims to inspire self confidence and reinforce the importance of health and fitness while demonstrating the joy and mental clarity that dance can bring! This workshop is open for anyone ages 12+. Please come in comfortable clothing, shoes with a light colored sole (dark soles leave scuffs), a water bottle, and a willingness to learn and try new things!

July 22nd from 1-3:30pm, $25.


Pound at lululemon!

Using lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out. Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Designed for all fitness levels, POUND provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out.

August 13th 9:30am at lululemon in the Village in Meridian


bbarreless at lululemon!

bbarreless is a fusion style class with a true foundation of Pilates performed to the beat of the music. You will experience a mind body connection fused with dance, Pilates and Yoga. bbarreless is about connecting your mind to the body, so that you not only strive to move with precision but also have FUN. Classic barre exercises have been adapted to be performed in the center of the room either standing or on the floor. You will challenge the core for balance and total body proprioception. Dancers have performed floor barre for generations as it allows them to explore new movements and gives them the strength to move with elegance and ease utilizing the floor for support. Be prepared, this is a full-on amazing workout!

July 9th 9:30am at lululemon in the Village in Meridian



HIP-HOP CAMP IS COMING!!!  Kids, come join this high-energy class to learn cutting-edge moves for today’s hip-hop environment. This camp explores rhythm, choreographed segments along with freestyle movements during their sessions. The hip-hop music keeps kids engaged to express their creative side of dance. Instructors help inspire young dancers to incorporate self-expression, personal strength, and explosive movements for all classes. A wide array of music will be used to ensure a fun experience for this class at 28th Street Barre & Soul!  If you decided to grab a 28th tee, please email info@28streetbarresoul.com with you child’s name and tee-shirt size by June 15th.

Ages 5 and up – $115 ($130 with t-shirt)



Join our Spring challenge starting March 1st and ending May 31st.  Your 60 days starts the date you sign up (any date in March) and gets you unlimited classes, all classes, through your challenge!   Prizes include class cards and Charlie Madison original jewelry.  We track everything so all you have to do is sign up!!

Sign up online starting March 1st HERE or register at the studio. VIP members are already entered (you will be emailed for details). Deadline to participate is March 31. Current memberships will be paused during the challenge period and ready to use after your 60 days!  You’ve officially been CHALLENGED!

Dance Party Choreo Workshop with Celeste Bolin and Miranda Palacio!

Join Celeste and Miranda in a sweaty choreography dance session. This will be a fun combination of the elements of Power Party Sculpt (PPS) and Hip Hop taught weekly at 28th St. Barre and Soul.  Expect to sweat, learn some sweet new steps, and leave with a hyped-up sense of group AWEsome!  No previous dance experience necessary, ages 16 and up, indoor shoes only.

An Evening with Giny Pitchell!

There’s a beautiful coloration between the art of movement and visual art that we will be celebrating at 28th.  We love supporting our diverse local talent in Boise.  Please join us December 10th at 6pm for a magical night featuring our first artist, Giny Pitchell.  Step into the artist’s life and mind while enjoying a glass of wine.  Giny has been painting for 50 years and artful living is the cornerstone of her life.  She is from Berlin, Germany and has lived all across the United States and Europe.  She holds a BA in Fine Arts from Humboldt State University.  Giny’s bold brush strokes seemingly leap from the canvas to convey strong visual expression whether in abstract form, still life, landscape or architectural interpretation.  One cannot help but connect emotionally to Giny’s artful representations.  Giny not only paints a picture but also tells the story of why she cements her favorite memories through painting.

Pound for Trails Event!

Join 28th and PoundBoise’s Amanda Bell for a memorable night of POUND-Rockout. Workout. to benefit the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley.  We love to support our Boise community and we are especially passionate about keeping our trails well maintained.  This invigorating non-impact cardio class uses Ripsticks along with music to get your heart rate up and sculpt your body.  This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness.  Guest tasting of a special beverage is included in the donation.  Suggested $10.  November 11th at 7pm.

Hip Hop Dance Workshop with Miranda & Alex!

A breakdown of basic choreography and hip-hop’s most iconic grooves to have you leaving with an arsenal of dance moves. This workshop is designed for all walks of life and is ideal for the beginning dancer. We’ll take time connecting to our bodies by slowly working through footwork, isolations and simple, repetitive choreography. This class is not only a great workout, but an invigorating challenge for your brain as you connect the dance sequence together. Join Alex and Miranda of Corevette Dance in this high-energy dance party!  The event will take place on October 29th from 1-2:30pm for $15.

28th Fall 60 Day Challenge

Looking to stay in AMAZING shape for the holidays? Try our Fall 60 Day Challenge starting Oct. 1st!
You get to choose YOUR 60 days for $145 and all classes are included – we’ll even keep track of your progress for you! The challenge ends Dec 31. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 attendees – grand prize is a Fit Bit!
Sign up online starting Oct 1st HERE or pre-register at the studio. VIP members are already entered (you will be emailed for details). Deadline to participate isOct. 31. Current memberships will be paused during the challenge period and ready to use after your 60 days!
You’ve officially been CHALLENGED!

Deep Yoga Flow

We are so excited to welcome Kristin McGee back to the studio!
This class is designed for all levels. In Deep Yoga Flow, you’ll be guided through postures in a Vinyasa style, beginning with traditional poses, but allowing for more challenging poses based on your practice level. Props are provided to allow the body to fully achieve each pose comfortably. This is a great class for clients looking to deepen their experience, those who are new to yoga, or those who need a change of pace, yet still have the option to take it to the next level. Join her Sunday, October 9th at 11am Class will be 75 minutes with a warm room. $15

PoundBoise Fitness Rebellion

PoundBoise, with 28th Street Barre and Soul present POUND – Rock-out. Workout. at Coiled Wines in Garden City on Wednesday, September 28th from 7-10pm. Become a FITNESS REBEL with this 45 minute full-body cardio jam session, then sip a glass of vino by Coiled Wines. POUND is an exciting high intensity workout using lightly weighted drumsticks, constant simulated drumming, and a killer playlist. You and your fellow music makers will be given PERMISSION TO ROCK in this infectious, sweat dripping workout that combines strength, conditioning, Pilates and yoga inspired movements. While you must be 21 to attend, this workout is 100% modifiable for all ages and fitness levels. Become a part of the FITNESS REBELLION!
$15.00 includes POUND and a glass of Coiled Wine*exercise mat recommended but not required.



Pure Pilates Flow

Getting ready for this lovely lady to visit 28th!!! Join us Thursday August 4th 6pm or August 5th 9:30a for her Pure Pilates Flow fusing a rhythmic pilates and yoga class!

Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor in New York City. She’s also a proud mom to her son Timothy, a contributing editor at Health, and has appeared frequently on television: Today Show, Good Morning America, Early Show, CNN, Fox News, among other programs. Her clients include Steve Martin, Tina Fey, Savannah Guthrie, LeAnn Rimes and Christine Taylor Stiller to name a few. Whether working privately, watching her DVD in the comfort of your home, or working out in one of her classes, she will help you get in shape and have fun while doing it. Kristin aims to make her programs fun and accessible to all.

Sign up below: $15 for one class or $25 for both days!


Ecstatic Dance with Shamans Dream

Join us on August 19th from 7-9:30pm for an evening of Ecstatic Dance with Shamans Dream (Craig Kohland, aka Sahuna Love). Facilitated by Erina Love, the night begins with an introduction to the practice of Ecstatic Dance and how to enhance the experience by incorporating Contact Improv.  A curated musical journey of various rhythms and genres create the canvas, your exploration of self is the art.
Ecstatic Dance is a free form movement process of self-discovery, embodying your teacher-self. Our body’s intelligence is vast; following it can unlock that which blocks us from our fullest potential; allowing for deep transformation, emotional release, and open-hearted connection.
Bring an open mind and willingness to explore with the heart of a child.  Wear loose comfortable clothing.

PPS The Breakdown

Come learn the dances in the regular PPS rotation as well as some of the motivations behind the movements and song choices. This is a great opportunity for those just digging into the PPS classes. All levels of movers welcome! No PPS experience necessary!

More information on Celeste and PPS can be found at celestebolin.com

Please wear non-black soul, dedicated indoor dance shoes.

Free Wheelchair Mission Barre Class

Celebrate movement by giving back with 28th.  The Free Wheelchair mission https://www.freewheelchairmission.org provides free, innovative and recycled part wheelchairs to recipients around the globe.  Their mission is simple, to be a world-class provider of mobility, transforming the live of 100,000 people with disabilities annually.

This is a donation class with a suggested $10 paid as you arrive (cash or credit card).  All proceeds benefiting their mission.  Class will  be limited based on space so reserve your spot to help change a life!

Rhythm Pilates Class with Lisa Hubbard!

Rhythm pilates is an exciting fusion of study and disciplines, incorporating Pilates, Yoga and dance.  The sequencing is thoughtfully created to target the whole body, intelligently working to biomechanically prepare the mind, muscles, joints, tissues and the spirit.  The movement is choreographed to music and beautifully lead by Lisa.

Small Props Clinic with Lisa Hubbard!

Enhance your current pilates repertoire, yoga flow, or personal practice to incorporate bands, balls, and magic rings.  This clinic will focus on deepening the core and strengthening the upper and lower body.  All props are supplied at the clinic.


The Deep Dance Experience (DDX) is FUN, first and foremost! You WILL sweat, laugh and maybe even cry… IT’S ALL GOOD!


Join Kris for a 4 week series of 75 minute classes each Saturday in February 10:45 AM – noon at 28th St. Barre & Soul Studio.


Kris Taylor-Duynslager mixes her life coaching into her method.


You will hear Kris and some of her students discuss the foundation of the DDX, Each class begins with a short guided group meditation on a mat, followed by a journaling exercise (Notebook provided). Then on your feet for some seamless, follow the leader dance exercises anyone can do. You will learn how meditation, awareness, defending, and surrendering impact your approach through exercising in this creative way.


Come make new connections for yourself in this New Year. Have an ah-ha moment or two in this guided movement series. It feels GOOD, Playlists are genius, & don’t forget, IT’S FUN!

Join us for the Yogafort Launch Workshop and Party!
Saturday February 20th from 6-8 PM

$20 Per person


Come get a little taste of what you can expect at Yogafort 2016! Join us for an evening of dance lead by Kris Taylor-Dunyslager of Deep Dance Experience (DDX), yoga lead by Marcy Midnight and music by DJ I.G.A.


More information about Yogafort and a link to buy tickets can be found at treefortmusicfest.com/yogafort.


See more at:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1704032339812956/