The 28th Street building was constructed in 1949 originally as the 28th Coin Laundry.  With its charming awnings, beautifully crafted windows and huge capacity for washing and drying, it quickly became a neighborhood resource. The west window side (facing Lowell Pool), was originally used as a snow shack to accommodate the crowds during the summer months. Sometime in the early 1960, Acme Dry-cleaning purchased the building as a drop-off site for their main operation.  Nearing the 1970’s the Baird’s family expanded their operations and this became a drop-off site for their 8th Street location.  Later in the 1980’s, Thompson’s purchased it back and once again, it became the corner laundry mat.  We also discovered that sometime between the 1950’s and 60’s this was converted to a burger drive-in which later revealed itself with a hidden windows found during the early phases of construction.  As a new chapter of the building history, we have remained a northend community space.  As a part of our mission, a percentage of our revenue each year is donated to a local charity, or non-profit around the valley.  We are committed to making our northend corner something special as a warm inviting space to connect through dance and fitness.